Journey into Sacred Nature    
Bali • Cambodia • Java   
narrated by Sharon Stone   85 minutes
devotional chant by Krishna Das

"For a stunningly beautiful visual trip into exotic and lush sacred Buddhist and Hindu locations, Prajna Earth is unparalleled."        
World Movie Reviews

“John Bush's work is eye-opening and essential if you have an interest in Eastern spirituality."  
Ty Burr, film critic, Boston Globe                                                                                                                                       

“Prajna is the Sanskrit word for radiant wisdom. Prajna Earth visits spiritual intersections where Buddhist and Hindu wisdom traditions merged with the animist worship of nature, revealing a profound understanding of sacred nature existing both in the environment and within all living beings.”  
PBS   (Public Broadcasting System, USA)

"Beautifully shot footage, Sharon Stone's melodious narration, and background chanting imbue this soothing, meditative program."

“Prajna Earth is a serene cinematic pilgrimage pervaded by a quiet energy which allows you to be both steeped in the richness of the landscape and to absorb the significance of the symbolism."     
Rubin Museum of Art, New York

"Prajna Earth is a film I will come back to time and again. Like the spiritual wonders it so beautifully brings alive. Prajna Earth takes us on a journey into our own potential. It is a pleasure at every level."         
Mark Epstein, MD  author

“A visual pilgrimage of the heart of stunning intimacy and beauty.”   
Krishna Das, chantmaster 

“Creator, director, cinematographer John Bush undertakes the production of a travel documentary as if it were fine art in this magnificently produced film. Maybe it is the ever-moving camera or the classical sacred music, but one has the sense of a journey here into another time and place."
LA Yoga Magazine

“Bush is a gifted cinematographer, and the three movies layer gorgeous footage of pilgrimage sites, religious festivals, city life, and monastic rites over traditional and contemporary sacred music (the latter provided by David Hykes with The Harmonic Choir). 

An elegant narrative runs throughout, charting the geographical, historical, and metaphysical course of the dharma. "I wanted to create a new kind of viewing experience that would allow someone to have a direct encounter with these sacred spaces," says Bush. "They have their own presence, and I wanted to let them speak for themselves."
Tricycle: The Buddhist Review

Featuring a Harmonic Chant score by David Hykes with the The Harmonic Choir
Sacred classical music of Cambodia, Bali & Java
Edited by Donal O’Ceillachair

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